Born to an Engineer father and an extremely creative mother, Ankita’s inclination towards art and aesthetics was clearly visible since her childhood. She and her two sisters formed a little art group that took great joy in making canvasses, and decorating their lovely large house with their own creations:-enchanting oil paintings, painted and embellished vases, nib paintings, etc.


Her stay in the beautiful environs of Koregaon Park, an elite neighbourhood of Pune and home to the Osho Commune, was path defining for her. The diversity of natural crystals sold here, together with the nature’s bounty present in the Western Ghats of India led Ankita to immensely value the beauty of the world around her. The desire to make world more beautiful began to take roots in her, and she wanted to make her own contribution to this goal by designing spaces that are aesthetic, yet meaningful to larger humanity. This led her to consider Architecture sincerely, and has shaped her career further on.