• Adaptable Urban Fabrics: Design principles and Policies for New Developments:

    Rigid non-distinctive environments are being created by contemporary Architects without due respect to context and changing user preferences. Can Adaptability of Urban Fabrics address this issue?

  • Culture Homogenization- The Paradox of Globalisation

    Globalisation thrives and survives on diversity. However paradoxically, it is bringing a homogenization of cultures across the world. Are there ways to tackle this phenomenon that can threaten the existence of Globalization itself?


    Connaught Place, the heart of megalopolis of Delhi is losing density, and people & companies are leaving for locations in adjoining satellite cities. Can we ensure sustained use of this area and give it the deserved respect?

  • SEZs- Restructuring Economic Geography

    The tendency of existing local investment to jump to new policy areas such as SEZs is creating redundant spaces. Can Urbanistsand Architects make designs that can withstand the vagaries of such fleeting finance?

  • Thickened Ground- the Ground as Public Realm

    Does architecture or urban form possess the power to pull people into beneficial community interaction? Can the Ground play a more vital role?